Light Painting - eatshootfly
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Standing at the far end of the underpass beneath V8 near Ashland and spinning wool attempting to make an orb. The graffiti looks good, the sparks and bounces look fantastic - but I'm not sure we ever figured out how to make the orb!

Scored 17/20 in the Night Photography competition, May 2013.

Scored 19/20 in the 2013 Versatility Challenge (Fire).

Entered into the Colour PDI section of the 9th Swansea International Salon 2013 where it scored 13/15 and was accepted into the exhibition.

Entered into the 39th Smethwick International Exhibition (Colour PDI category) where it scored 11/15 and was accepted into the exhibition.

Entered into the 2014 Bristol Salon of Photography (Open category) where it scored .../15.

Entered into the 3rd Port Talbot International Salon (Open Colour category) where it scored 9/15.

Entered into the Vale of Evesham Camera Club 2014 Exhibition (Colour category) where it scored 10/15 and was not accepted.

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